ENGINE Drain engine oil and refill X X
Replace oil filter X X
Check for general oil leaks & report X X
Check for timing belt replacement interval & report  X X
Check radiator condition, security & report any leaks X X
Check coolant system hoses for leaks & condition X X
Check electric cooling fan for operation where applicable   X
Check condition and tension of fan/alternator belt, adjust or report   X
Check condition and tension of auxiliary drive belts (excluding timing belts)    X
Replace air filter   X
Check & record antifreeze strength/min temp and top up coolant as required X X
Replace spark plugs (additional charge for Platinum or Long-Life plugs)   X
FUEL Check fuel cap condition   X
Check visual condition of fuel lines X X
Replace Diesel fuel filter (if fitted and external from the fuel tank)   X
Replace Petrol fuel filter (additional charge if needed & external from the tank)    X
DRIVE Check clutch operation for drag/slip/judder/noise, adjust (if applicable)  X X
Check and top up clutch fluid X X
Check drive shafts gaiters for security and report leaks X X
Check Check prop-shaft/drive shaft/joints X X
Check and top up axle and/or trans-axle oil  (if applicable)    X
Check gearbox fluid and top up where applicable & not sealed    X
ELECTRICAL Check operation of exterior lights  X X
Check operation of all internal warning lights X X
Check horn X X
Check on board diagnostics for faults   X
Check Diesel heater plug indicator operation where fitted X X
Check battery security, clean lubricate terminals X X
Top up battery (non sealed units only)    X
Visual inspection of ignition system X X
Test effectiveness of starter motor   X
Test alternator charge rate/security   X
STEERING SUSPENSION Check/top-up power steering reservoir (if applicable) X X
Check steering/suspension components for wear & corrosion  X X
Check steering rack gaiters condition X X
Check wheel bearings for excessive play X X
Check shock absorb-er condition and report X X
Grease steering/suspension (where applicable)   X
Check diagnostics for electrical sports suspension    X
EXHAUST Check exhaust system inc catalyst/DPF for security and leaks X X
Visual check for excessive smoke (Diesel) X X
BRAKES Check brake pads for wear or damage X X
Check brake calipers for leaks and security X X
Check foot brake shoes for wear or damage X X
Inspect operation of wheel cylinders and report any leaks X X
Visual check brake hydraulic system, pipes/hoses for leaks/chafing/corrosion X X
Check security of handbrake linkages and travel, lubricate and adjust X X
Check brake disc discs/drums for wear/cracks/corrosion/pitting and scoring X X
Check brake fluid and top up, report id change is required X X
Check brake servo operation   X
Check ABS warning lights for correct operation (if applicable)   X
TYRES WHEELS Remove road wheels   X
Check tyre size and tyre fitting according to side wall instructions X X
Check tyre condition and tread depth (inc spare, if fitted) X X
Check and adjust tyre pressures (inc spare, if fitted) X X
Check and set wheel nut torque to manufactures setting   X
VISION Check windscreen wiper condition/operation X X
Check rear wiper condition/operation (if fitted) X X
Check windscreen washer operation and top up X X
Check windscreen for chips and cracks X X
Check mirror condition, interior/exterior    X
Check number plate condition and if legal   X
INTERNAL Replace pollen filter (additional charge for special filters)   X
Check air conditioning for operation X X
Check seat belts front and rear X X
Lubricate door hinges X X
GENERAL Reset vehicle service light, subject to data & tooling availability X X
Road test & report X X
Stamp service book X X
Lubricate bonnet/boot hinges X X